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It’s been a long time Space Ghost. I missed this guy.

When I was a kid I used to watch this cartoon along with The Herculoids and Teen Force. I think all the shows aired on the USA Cartoon Express, which I watched religiously on Sunday mornings.

I don’t think cartoons are as good as they were back in the early 80s. Remember Turbo Teen, Rubik the Amazing Cube, Mr. T, Mighty Orbots!!

They launched so many shows to sell toys in the 80s, but there was never a Space Ghost figure until 1999, when Toycom released this figure during the peak of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

I never watched that show, but I saw this figure on the racks at Media Play and I had to have it.

I’m bummed though, because he came with a talk show desk and a stool and coffee mug, and I lost all the accessories. They just disappeared, like a ghost!

Did anyone else have Media Play around back in the day? I think the company folded sometime in the last decade, when people started buying their books and music and movies online.

It’s too bad, because that place was also stocked with action figures. That’s where I got all my McFarlane Movie Maniacs and Austin Powers figures. 

Maybe I’ll break out the Austin Powers on Wednesday, saving the Movie Maniacs for Halloween.

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