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Sleepy Hollow is a nice movie to watch this time of year.

I haven’t liked most of Tim Burton’s films, but I would say this is one of the better ones. In my opinion, Ed Wood is the best thing he’s ever done. Then you got Batman and Beetlejuice, and that’s just about it for me.

But this isn’t a Tim Burton film blog, this is My Old Toys, and what you see above is the McFarlane Toys Headless Horseman figure released in 1999.

This figure is not part of the Movie Maniacs series. It was one of the four Sleepy Hollow items in stores around the time the film hit theaters.

There was also a Johnny Depp/Ichabod Crane figure and a witch and another version of the Horseman.

I should go back and watch Sleepy Hollow. I used to own the VHS but, you know, those are long gone. 

I’m down to the final two figures for Movie Maniacs Month. Those posts are coming Sunday and Wednesday, on Halloween.

Then it’s back to the G.I. Joe figures. There are still a ton to get to.

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